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Diesel-electric plants in Italy and abroad

T.E. srl boasts 30 years of global experience in the field of power generation: a real landmark for energy companies as the only Italian company to offer excellent services in the field of design, consultancy and support for on-land and offshore electric power stations, diesel-electric power stations and electrical generating units.
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The history of T.E. srl

In 1937 the Tessitore family business was involved within the sector of urban heating products, when the company F.lli Tessitore was established.
Following the war of 1943, F.lli Tessitore starts operating in the oil heating and carbon fuel market on a large scale, including coal and the liquid fuels ELF, ERG and Moratti. In 1982 the Engineer Elio Tessitore establishes the company T.E.TECNOLOGIE PER L’ENERGIA S.R.L., operating in the field of diesel-electric power plants fuelled by liquid fuels. Thereafter, in 2006, the company MY BLUEZEBRA, active in the field of V.O.I.P telephony, was established.

The philosophy of T.E. srl

T.E.srl is involved in a very important activity that improves the quality of life, especially in developing countries, mindful of the cultural growth of its own employees and the innovative ideas that they can contribute.The staff has technical skills and is eager to learn. They also have the ability to deal with problems and establish relationships.
In addition, T.E. srl collaborates with volunteer organizations in South-East Asian and African countries (Cape Verde, Cambodia, Kenya), in the construction of power plants, while advising and training local technicians.

International network

T.E. srl has provided technical assistance and established stations and spare parts services in the following countries:
  • Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, England, Vatican City, Russia, Kazakhstan
  • Algeria, Mauritania, Nigeria, Sudan, Tunisia, Angola, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Egypt, Guinea, Kenya, Libya
  • USA, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Mexico
  • Middle East, Qatar. UAE, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Syria
  • Pakistan, China, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, Burma, Thailand, Tajikistan
  • Antarctica
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T.E. Tecnologie per l'Energia has the following certifications:
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Certification by NATO builder no. A5618, notification no. C / 04962 / V05618 of 30 September 1992,
Issued by the Italian Ministry of Defense Central Office, U.Co.MI, Rome
Supplier code ENEL no. 23083
Supplier code TRENITALIA no. 100045144.5
Fincantieri spa Supplier Code  no. 34333, ENEA certification and ATHOS database, Protocol No. 1499
Contact us on +390112485166 
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