Emergency generating sets

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Electric power plants in Italy and abroad

Emergency power generators are very important. They are indispensable in cases where it is impossible to access the traditional power grid. These technologies are applied in many situations and in a variety of environments. Think of naval generators and platform generators. For locations that are far from land, this is the optimal solution that allows current and electrical systems to function properly.
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Energy and Ad Hoc Solutions

TE Energy Technologies specializes in the supply of energy-producing technologies. These include generator sets, which are sold both new and refurbished, and UPSs, as well as equipment for diesel engines, alternators and gas turbines. These machines allow you to respond to continue operating your business and to ensure a constant supply of energy. These are not simply ad hoc solutions. They allow you to work in the best possible conditions on a sustainable basis.

Consulting and design

Through its specialized technicians, the company offers consultancy services for the design and commissioning of cogeneration plants and electric diesel plants. These are offered on the basis of customer requirements and needs. In addition to these, the following products are also supplied:
  • Devices for speed and voltage control
  • Control panels
  • Synchronization and parallel systems, including repair thereof.
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For more information or to request a quote, you can call us at +39 0112485166 or write an email  info@tesrl.com

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