Generator sets

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Generator sets

Effective distribution of electricity

TE Energy Technologies has been active for years in the production of generator sets, designed to ensure efficient power distribution under a variety of circumstances.
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Customized uninterruptible power supplies for power management

In addition to providing new or reconditioned UPS and generating sets, we also design equipment that optimizes the management and distribution of energy. Our production equipment meets a number of needs:
  • Management of multi-generation plants;
  • Synchronization between two power plants or between power plant and network;
  • Energy management for thermal and electrical energy;
  • Breakdown of active and reactive load of generators;
  • Automatic operation of central load demand.
These are computerized power control systems
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Hardware and control software for propulsion engines and power plants

The company also offers tailor-made hardware and software, both for the control of propulsion diesel engines and diesel power plants.

The technical staff of TE Energy Technologies is available to customers to study specific electronic solutions for every need, including the design of spare parts and ad hoc components for obsolete equipment. It also ensures accurate commissioning and service throughout the country as well as abroad for each product, from generating sets to invertors, from photovoltaic systems to control panels.
Information and quotations
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For more information or to request a quotation from our company, please complete the form on this page. Our staff will respond promptly.
We are also available at telephone number +39 011 2485166.


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