Support for electric generating units
in Italy and abroad

The Tessitore family has been operating in the district heating product sector since 1937. Through the years, the company has expanded its service offering, establishing the current corporate brand in 1982. T. E. Tecnologie per l'Energia started getting involved with diesel-electric power plants fuelled by combustible liquids. The company's projects improve people's quality of life and are mainly located in developing countries.

The staff is rigorously selected according to their technical training, their thirst for knowledge, and their desire to deal with real problems in the sector. They must be able to establish constructive relationships and to come up with innovative ideas. T.E. srl also works with voluneer organisations in countries throughout Africa and South East Asia on projects involving the construction of power plants, but also cooperation with, and the training of, local technicians.
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Global support

T.E. Tecnologie per l'Energia has been a go-to destination for companies in the energy sector for more than 30 years now. We design, test, and commission and train staff on land-based and offshore diesel-electric power plants.

T.E.is a dynamic company that works in the global energy sector in all countries for the main manufacturers of diesel engines and electrical generators. The company mainly deals with special applications for new and used units, speed controllers, mechanical and electromechanical spare parts and equivalents. Also obsolete ones, spare parts for electrical generators, gas engines, diesel engines and switchboards, thus acquiring knowledge and expertise that allow you to tackle issues related to any type of electrical power generation.

T.E. Tecnologie per l’Energia

Being enthusiastic about customer-centric philosophy, T.E.srl is able to participate in global contracts, including ships and oil rigs, functioning in any environmental situation to meet all the client's needs: On September 30, 1992, the company obtained the manufacturer certification NATO no. A5618 from the Italian Defence Ministry. T.E.srl is very attentive to the cultural growth of its staff and is even more attentive to innovative ideas that they may come up with in the areas of:
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Primary energy, petroleum and mining, hospitals.
Telephony, hotel, industrial, naval, airport, railway.
Research laboratories, data processing centers, large constructions.
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Flying engineers

T.E.srl operates through specialized engineers called Flying Engineers, who intervene on emergency energy missions, inspired by the efficiency and dynamism of Kenya's flying doctors (Amref). Due to the synergy between employees and partners, T.E.srl aims to offer a variety of services ranging from design to inspection, special devices, spare parts for each type of power station.
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