Marine generating sets

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Marine generating sets

The uniqueness of emergency generator sets can be seen most clearly in terms of their function: they are indispensable in many cases where it is impossible to access the traditional power grid. Marine generators and platform generators are the perfect example. When you are far away from land, these provide the ideal solution for electrical systems to function as they should.
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Energy generation in every situation

TE Energetic Technologies is a company based in Turin, which specializes in the supply of energy-producing technologies, including new and reconditioned generation and continuity units, as well as instrumentation for diesel engines, alternators and gas turbines.
Our mission is to provide power even to those places where it can not reach under normal circumstances. We offer ad hoc solutions that allow anyone to work under the best possible conditions.
Information and estimates
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For more information or to request a quotation from our company, simply complete the form on this page. Our staff will respond promptly.
We are also available at tel no. +39 011 2485166.


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