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Devices for generating units in Italy and abroad designs and manufactures electronic devices as well as HARDWARE and SOFTWARE systems for the control of naval diesel-engine propulsion systems and on-land diesel-electric power plants.
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Spare parts for generating units and diesel and electric power plants

In addition, we have built up a network capable of providing all spare parts, used or new, even obsolete ones, for everything related to the electrical part of the engine, in particular for the management of electrical generating units, devices for generators and also emergency generating units, and even engines for diesel and electric plants.
More specifically, we are able to deal with:
  • active and reactive load sharing systems between parallel generators and with the network load distribution systems for naval propulsion engines (two engines operating on a single propeller shaft)
  • systems that cater for the management of multi-generator plants
  • network synchronization systems for multi-generator plants
  • management software for digital speed controllers
  • microprocessor systems that enable the collection, compilation and remote transmission of electrical and physical parameters of three-phase power lines, transformers, alternators and first-level engines
  • systems for automatic operation for the load demand from multi-generator plants
  • synchronization systems between two multi-generator plants
  • energy management systems and rational use of thermal electrical energy
  • electronic devices for power generation (tachymetric relays, simulators, signal generators, converters, etc.)
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