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Specialized assistance for generating sets in Italy and abroad

T.E. Tecnologie per l'energia is a leader in the design and manufacture of power generation plants that can be used in hospitals, banks, isolated areas, ships, oil platforms, and also assisting them with technical personnel who are always available. We are like the Flying Doctors of Kenya (Amref). TE srl is the only Italian company to offer this service worldwide. The quality of our service is second to none.

Flying Engineers, our strength

In Burundi in 1994 an Italian technician was hospitalized after a serious car accident. The country was also shaken by a coup d'etat at the time, with looting at airports and in villages. Both people as well as the hospital were under siege. The patient needed to be transferred to another appropriate treatment facility. This is where the Flying Engineers came in. They quickly intervened and succeeded in transferring the wounded man to Nairobi so that he could get the care that he needed. This is how T.E. Tecnologie per l'energia now operates when dealing with emergency situations. We have even come to refer to our specialist technicians by that name - "Flying Engineers", for their timeliness, professionalism and enthusiasm.
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